Hey everyone! I’m a new web designer here at Coronation IM and just wanted to share this new website I created and give a little bio of myself.

My name is James de los Santos and I’m originally from Edmonton, AB. I went to design school graduating with a Design and Digital Media Diploma. After graduating, I then moved to Vancouver in 2007, wondering what I was getting myself into. Long story short, I got my first job as a 3D artist creating props for an Australian cartoon called ‘Zigby’. Work was heavy and soon enough the studio ran out of work. Then I moved on to web design working at a Martial Arts company as a in-house designer. Almost 6 years has gone by and now I am here, giving my experience and knowledge to the CIM team. What a pleasure it is to work with these guys. Honest, ethical, funny, true, creative, and all-around hard workers. Much love and respect to these fellows who built their business from scratch. I have very high hopes for our crew and will make a huge mark in this web game.

I’ve had the honor of creating a website for this loving family and local business: CJReinforcing. I originally created a typical WordPress site for them, but in the whole scope of things they really needed something different, something they could be proud of. Many local businesses don’t spend the time investing in their imagery and end up giving me poor iPhone photos. In this case Mikael and his family really wanted to showcase their work. Show the world that they’ve worked hard all these years and showcase what they do ‘in style’.

Here’s a shot of what to expect.


I could bore you with the process, but all in all the final product was sexy. The client was open to my suggestions and really focused on the users perspective. Thanks again to Mikael and his family for really participating and keeping their minds open to modern design. Cheers!



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