We know the business and we have the tools.

By following our proven strategies, and trusting us to manage their online marketing, Refresh Carpet Cleaning, a Vancouver based carpet cleaning business, has reduced their cost per lead by 60% and tripled their revenue.

We’ve put together a list of the marketing tools that we used to grow . 

You can use them too to better manage your online presence and digital marketing campaigns!

WordPress Using WordPress to build your website means you don’t have to start from scratch and code an entire site! Pick a template, and you can have a user-friendly website with endless plugin & customization capabilities.

Google Analytics, you can’t grow if you don’t measure. Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that helps you track visits, conversions, and goals on your site.  
Google Tag Manager, one place to manage all your tracking codes. Instead of hard writing your code on the site, you can put everything on Google Tag Manager and publish it from there.  
Fastest Cache, one of the best cache plugins for WordPress. It helps you cache your website and increase your site speed.  
Pure Chat, a simple free tool (there is also a paid version if you prefer) to engage with your visitors when they visit your site.  
Yoast Seo , Helps you manage your content and optimizes it to increase your site visibility on Google. Essentially, Yoast makes it easier for Google to find and understand your content.
BackupBuddy,Backup your site easily, anytime. As issues arise, links break, etc., creating a backup saves the last working version so you don’t lose the most important part of your online presence.
410 for Wordpres, Automatically redirect broken pages to a page of your choice. This is an easy way to prevent the dreaded 404 error.
Short Pixel Optimizer,  Heavy images can negatively impact your site speed and the UX.   Reduce your image size with one click!  
Site Kit by Google, a WordPress plugin created by Google! Connect Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Page Speed, and Google Tag Manager with your site. All the services in just one place  
Google Search Console, verify ownership of your site on google. Help Google find your site, crawl it, and report errors it may find.  
Google My Business, the easiest way to start your Local SEO journey. Make sure to verify your profile and fill all the necessary information.  
Google Ads, get more customers with easy online advertising, it is the best channel for a Carpet Cleaning Business. pay when people click on your ad!

CallRailTrack your phone calls & online form fills all in one place, and understand your most successful online channels.  

Appointment-Plus , A great online booking, and appointment software that saves you time and keeps you organized. 

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