We’ve had a lot of people calling us over the past number of years asking how quickly we can help them get better rankings or even first page rankings. It’s impossible to give anyone a definite answer. We can give an educated answer after analyzing the industry a business is in and the city/region they are located in or they want to target.

Here are three quick tips you can use to find a good SEO company:

  • Avoid SEO companies that offer cookie-cutter pricing. Every business and market has to be analyzed first.
  • Avoid guaranteed rankings or promises of “drastic results overnight” (see the cartoon above). Nobody can guarantee you rankings. If someone says “I can get you to the first page really fast.”, you may get to the first page fast (still unlikely). But, if you do, you won’t stay there long. We guarantee it!
  • Always ask for referrals from current or past clients. Talk to the referrals to find out if the SEO company delivered results. We always give referrals in our proposals.

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