Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong!

As many of you may have seen or read online already, “Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro” in Scottsdale, Arizona, suffered a publicity meltdown like none other when the owners took to their Facebook account.

The owners were featured on a recent episode on FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares where celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey visits struggling businesses to turn them around. After he dumped them on the show for being too difficult to work with, the owners Samy and Amy Bouzaglo decided they were going to sign onto their Facebook account to respond to criticism from online users. The results were not pretty!

In a profanity laced rant, the owners seemingly added fuel to the fire for anyone reading, and the news has spread like wildfire. Read this Buzzfeed article for a more detailed account and summary.

Internet Marketing Done Right

This brings up two valuable lessons. Social Media is an incredibly valuable tool to use to communicate your message to the masses, and your online reputation can spin out of control in minutes. Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management are critical components to a successful Internet Marketing campaign. We work with companies across many industries, distributing marketing messages on their behalf, posting reviews and testimonials from their clients, and staying active with their client base.

Let us show you how we can help your business by handling your Internet Marketing, regardless what the needs may be.

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