Most people don’t realize that your logo on your website is an important factor for SEO. That doesn’t mean an awesome logo makes your search engine optimization better. It’s all about the fact that your logo is usually a site wide link to your home page. This means that your logo exists on every page on your website that links to your home page.

Optimize the name of your logo file

When your site was designed by you or someone else it was probably named something like “logo.png” or “business-name-logo.jpg”. If your logo is a link to your home page, then search engines will conclude that you are optimizing the home page of your site for the keyword “logo” or even “business-name-logo”. If you’re not concerned with having your website rank well then this won’t be a problem. But, if you want to have your website optimized properly, then this is a problem.

Make your logo’s file name the main keyword phrase

Let’s say you are a criminal lawyer in New York. Do you really want search engines to see that link as “logo.png”? Of course not! Instead, you should name the image file for your logo to something like “new-york-criminal-lawyer.png”. When you do this, the internal link in your header on all of your pages will now be optimized for “New York Criminal Lawyer”. This is a “Google friendly” method and you won’t get penalized for doing it.

This technique is not going to be the golden ticket the top of search rankings. But, as with anything in SEO, it’s a piece of the bigger puzzle.

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