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Are you a therapist looking for more clients?

We’re a marketing agency that specializes in getting therapy practices more leads through proven Google Ads strategies.

Why choose Toto?

  • Increase caseload for your therapy practice
  • Scale your business
  • Get a return on your marketing investment.

We are passionate about generating the RIGHT leads for your practice, making the best use of every dollar. Whether you want to increase your caseload as an individual therapist or build and scale a practice, we can help.

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Results driven. Transparent Pricing. Month-to-month.

  • Google Adwords Client
  • Google Adwords and Wix Client

Effective Marketing for Therapists

We don’t just generate traffic. We drive long-term results for therapists. Here are a few digital marketing services we offer to your practice.

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Our Mission

We create long-term growth strategies for therapy practices.

Toto was created because we were tired of therapists being sold hidden, behind the scene marketing strategies. We value transparency, doing the right thing, and delivering results.

Our goal is to long-term sustainable growth for our therapist clients, not quick-wins and shallow results.

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Not sold just yet?

3 More Reasons to Choose Toto


There are many different options available for growth marketing, which can make it tough to decide between hiring a full-time hire or using an agency. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with both choices.

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Let’s work together

We’re your dedicated marketing team.

Let us take the load off. We want to partner with your Therapy Practice and use our transparent, data-driven, marketing expertise to help meet your goals.



Marketing is unorganized, things get lost, and it’s unclear where to even start. There’s plans but little action, people are stressed, and your marketing spend is wasted.

Life is more complicated than it needs to be.



A strategic plan is made with transparent communication and reporting. You’ll get a consistent stream of leads, book more appointments, and make data-driven decisions. 

Life is less complicated with Toto.

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Let’s work together.

We’ll assign you someone from our team to help analyze your marketing goals and determine the best course of action for your business.

Think about it as an opportunity to speak with someone who has grown therapy practices using proven strategies and frameworks!