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No matter whether it’s about fun facts, technical literature, training or marketing, every website is a form of communication. The communication nowadays has grown rather complicated. People are not so ready to listen, they have no interest, but the main reason is that they just don’t have enough time. In this field, to reach fellow human beings, first, you’ll have to learn to communicate with a machine. To spread the web of contacts for your company, you’ll go to need to go the extra mile when doing the design of your website.

Hello, Goodbye or Straight to the point

To communicate with a machine, in this case with a search engine algorithm, you need to know its language. The most important things are keywords since they are building blocks of this language.

The search algorithm crawls all the pages on your site looking for context. Like in every language, when writing keywords the most important thing is to pay attention to the order of words, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. The more of this additional information you provide for the engine, the easier will be for it to find all the right pages and to rank them.
For your keywords to be relevant to the search engine, you have to give them an important role in the title, in the text, and in the metadata. You have to go straight to the point – the more accurate you are with your keywords, the higher ranking you get, narrowing the competition.

Wait, what? Or Keep it simple

Using too much information in a conversation for your listener to faster and better comprehend you will lead to the quite the opposite effect – he’ll be lost in that vast sea of information.

People make the same mistake when creating a website – they stuff the text with keywords, throwing them in wherever they get the chance. You have to keep in mind the fact that computers are still not capable of understanding things like people (although they are in the constant progress in that direction), so they are even easier to confuse.

What the hell are you talking about or Say it plain

If we talk figuratively, with lots of descriptions, if we try very hard to illustrate the topic to our listener, there is a chance, quite paradoxically, for him/her to get lost. Because of that, it’s important to introduce our topic in the beginning in the most concrete way.

It’s completely the same with this kind of graphic material on our site – non-text content, Java applets, and flash-based content are very often ignored, and they go unnoticed. To make the performance of your site better in search engines, the most valuable content must be in HTML format.

Yes, but or Learn to listen

In every conversation, it is important to be able to listen, as much as being able to talk correctly. It is impossible for anyone to know everything there is to know about the particular topic, so it’s smart to let other people inform you. That way you’ll not only get additional information, but you’ll also become more eloquent.

Your vocabulary will get richer, and with that, your words will become more attractive, and it will be easier for your listeners to understand you. We learn a language as long as we live – the same thing is the art of designing your website. Now you know the basics, but to reach a larger audience, you need to become an expert, and you’ll accomplish that by listening. Every better web design company has an in-house SEO or a team of search engine marketers whose job is to make sure your voice will be heard.

Um, yes, well, hmm.. or Don’t stutter

When we finally ‘capture’ our listener and occupy his attention, it’s important to keep the story rolling. Every pause or inconsistency will result in his loss of interest, so we must be very careful that every part of the story follows the other.

To provide your visitors with a free passage through your website and to allow them the possibility to visit every page, you need to make a crawlable link structure, which connects all those pages with each other. If all the pages are not connected with links visitors won’t see some of them, and maybe those would be the ones most important for you.

See you later or Conclusion

When designing your website, always remember you’re creating the mean of communication. Think like it’s you talking. Go straight to the point, keep it simple and always say it every day. There’s no need to stutter, you’ve got it under control, just be ready to listen.


Amir Noghani is the General Manager at Agseosydney. He has been working in the field of marketing and communications for over seven years and developed rich knowledge and skills in Online Marketing and Public Relations, as well as writing journal articles and blogs.

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