Does your content really deserve to rank on page one for your target keywords?

Great content is almost a major part of any website. Without the right target keywords, no one important will find your site. Without great content, no one will have enough information to show interest in your site. For every target keyword, you want to rank on page #1 in search results; however, having the most compelling content and the best target keywords don’t guarantee that you’ll succeed. There are a few additional factors that affect your chances of ranking on page #1.

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Is your site new?

You need a website that has existed in cyberspace for at least one year. A new website has no authority and few visitors, and you cannot expect to get recognition overnight. You have to build your site step by step, and have patience if you want Google to rank it. This might take several months, so you need to be aware of that aspect.

The longest lasting websites out there have shown the most authority on the Internet. However, the amount of interest that people show in your business does not rely solely on how long it has been around. A site like Instagram was created only six years ago, but it already has billions of users and makes over a billion dollars in revenue every year.

Ranking on page #1 is all about waiting for search engines build your “resume.” When you start working, you collect references from different employers. You cannot expect to get a top-level position with no experience. Similarly, you need the experience to run an SEO website effectively and know which keywords to use or not use.

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Is your site popular?

The popularity of your website depends mainly on the products and a service it has to offer.Increased popularity is based on the value and usefulness of your content. Search engine bots look for sites that give value to search engines and refrain from using black hat techniques.

To increase the popularity of any blog or website, find the right audience and learn how to target keywords. Know what they want or need and create content that suits them. Then, analyze your results using analytical tools, such as Alexa and Google AdWords. Just because you think your site is popular does not mean it is – you have to research the statistics.

The longer you have the site, the more followers you should collect. All website owners should attract a strong following of long-term readers and/or customers. You want these people to share your information on various social media sites and reel in other followers.

Did you do your research?

Never run any website without doing your homework first. You cannot assume that you know which keywords work best because you may be surprised. Check each keyword using the best keyword research tools. If you’re trying to promote a small website, look for keywords that are not already used by bigger, older sites. Learn how to beat the competition centering all your attention of keywords with a low search demand. This will help your online business stay unique.

The right keyword gets a lot of traffic but not too much. Create long-tailed keywords, which are basic keywords with extra words added. Many Web-based companies receive most of their traffic from people living in nearby communities. Create target keywords that appeal to specific, local populations. Overall, do the research and reach out to anyone and everyone who could benefit from visiting your site.

Truth be told, sometimes it could be months before you see any results. Even when you research and choose the right keywords, you could still not show up on page one. Consider the range of different factors that influence high search engine rankings. Think about the age of your website because some people may just need time to find it.

Look for more ways to make your content interesting and appeal better to a particular demographic. Getting higher rankings takes time and commitment. Ask for advice if you can’t do it yourself. A PPC agency London, for example, can help you master the art of SEO. Little by little your website will experience massive changed, provided you stay focused on crafting top-quality content.

Denny Averill is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business, marketing and technology related topics. He regularly follows some brilliant business blogs from Twitter. You can also find him at Facebook and Google+.

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