I’m sure other web designers go through this with their clients. Its like the plague. Clients always want their logo bigger: whether its within their website, products, letterheads, you name it. Check out these examples and see what I’m talking about.


Kinda weird right? Who in their right mind would have the ford logo that big? Web design clients, thats who hahah. In my experience, your website visitors aren’t blind. They know where the logo is and sometimes on a good day, they take you back to the homepage, hallelujah! Your logo is a small visual reference, to state ‘hey, I’m on the right page, or that’s the same branding as the store front!’ Think about other forms of communication too, like iphones, ipads, and a hundred other mobile devices. Do those mobile screens have big logos taking up the screen? I’ll let you answer that..

So remember, keeping your logo small is key, its a visual reference for your website. Small logos can do great things like highlight your products or put emphasis on what information your visitors are looking for. Till next week, take care!

-James de los Santos


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