reasons why your website is losing traffic

Your website is the very first impression everyone will see of your start-up or brand. The homepage alone determines if you customers will further explore your website for the products or services you offer. The website design and details play a key role in driving traffic and if overlooked can result in loss of valuable traffic.

Have you too experienced loss in traffic on your site recently in spite of all your marketing efforts? Are you traumatized by the low conversion rate on your site? Well then read on. Mentioned below are top five areas that can be responsible for the loss of attention on your site. Additionally, you can also find the most efficient ways to handle the issue under hand and instantly improve the situation.

1. Lack of Internal Linking

Internal linking is probably one of the most neglected aspects right now. Most of the sites either forget about internal linking or use rich anchor texts for the same. Both of these aren’t good for a site’s ranking. The key to leverage internal linking is the use of descriptive keywords in anchor text. These non-rich anchor texts should give a sense of the topic or keywords the source page is trying to target. This is a slow process and might take around three months to show some measurable results.

2. Cluttered Homepage

Some sites try to give out the maximum information about their products or services on the homepage itself. This creates too many distractions for the visitors, and they ultimately wander into the abyss and lose interest. Your homepage should be a greeting and informative platform that is capable of capturing the attention of users. Keep it simple yet engaging!

3. Basic HTML Designs

In the ocean of professionally designed websites, a basic HTML styled design simply featuring regular text and basic interface can never stand out. It not only irritates the visitors but also raises suspicion over the authenticity of the site. As such it is best to hire someone with professional Web Design Training to complete the job for you. By spending a few bucks initially on website design, you can create a better user experience, which will definitely yield revenue later.

4. Stale, Old Web Pages

Google always prefers to fresh and updated web pages as opposed to the ones with outdated content. Therefore regularly updating the web pages is probably the easiest and simplest way to provide rich user experience and gain better ranking. Keep adding fresh and engaging content, images on your website to so that the visitors stay longer and revisit. Interesting content may even cause the people to share your articles and blogs on social media, which will further boost your website traffic.

5. Effect of Google Algorithm Changes

Google keeps updating its ranking algorithms, which can drastically affect a sites ranking and traffic over-night. You will know if you have been penalized if the drop in ranking is harsh and swift. You can check your site’s ranking on other search engines like Bing or Yahoo to diagnose a Google penalty.

Hopefully, this post will enlighten you about what you are doing wrong and how to reverse it.

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